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The Therapy Hive leadership team are experienced educators who know how to help children grow and flourish.

Our Values


We know each child is different and unique. We seek to connect you with an intervention team to best support your child.


We believe it is crucial to share information, knowledge and skills with a child's support team to have the biggest impact on learning and development.


We know each child is capable. We focus on their strengths and interests to support them to build new skills and achieve goals. 

Linda Wild

Managing Director

With 26 years of experience as an Early Childhood Leader, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She has developed a deep passion for early intervention using the Early Start Denver Model and ongoing professional growth to support children.

THERAPY HIVE Linda 2 Head Shot Photo HI RES

Linda’s vision for Therapy Hive is to enrich the intervention experience for children and their families. She believes that best practice is for children with a developmental delay or disability to receive targeted support more frequently to improve learning outcomes. She believes it is imperative that children’s support teams (families, allied professionals, allied therapists and educators) connect together to strengthen intervention strategies in homes and educational settings.

Linda is currently in the final stages of certification to become a therapist in the world-renowned 'Early Start Denver Model,' focusing on early intervention for children with autism and/or developmental delays. Her dedication to empowering young learners and her commitment to professional development underscore her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of children and families.

Linda has a warm, kind, friendly nature allows her to connect with ease to children and families. Linda sees each child as capable and her child centred approach supports the children to reach their fullest potential. Linda does not just accept how things are currently done; she looks for what is best for every child and seeks ways to improve learning outcomes for each individual child. This has been the catalyst for the launch of Therapy Hive.


Developmental Educator


Jacinta, a dedicated developmental educator, possesses a profound passion for inspiring children to achieve their goals. With a keen understanding of individual learning styles, she tailors her approach to foster each child's unique potential. Jacinta creates a nurturing and stimulating environment where children feel empowered to explore their interests and develop a love for learning. Through innovative teaching methods, she cultivates a sense of curiosity and resilience, instilling in her students the belief that they can overcome challenges to reach their aspirations. Jacinta's unwavering commitment to fostering holistic development equips children with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the journey toward realising their dreams.


Developmental Educator


Brooke, an exceptional Developmental Educator dedicated to empowering young minds! With eight years of experience in Primary Schools, spanning various year levels, she's honed her skills and passion for nurturing the growth of children.

Her journey as an educator is fueled by a deep-seated desire to forge meaningful connections with each child under her guidance. She finds boundless inspiration in their innate curiosity about the world and is committed to understanding their individual perspectives, ideas, and aspirations.

As a Developmental Educator, her mission is clear: to positively impact the unique learning journey of every young person she encounters. She endeavors to implement innovative strategies that leave a lasting impression, fostering an environment where every child can thrive. Embracing inclusivity, she tailors her approach to accommodate the diverse interests and goals of each child.

“Linda and her team are experienced professionals with a truly caring nature who are able to seamlessly deliver therapy services by teaming with other therapists our son is seeing. We love the personal approach, careful planning and frequent communication which provides us with piece of mind that our son is in safe and capable hands.”

- Dino