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Early Childhood Intervention Teachers / Key Workers work with young children (0 - 7 years) and families to support detection, inclusion and participation of young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Our Early Childhood Intervention Teacher /Key Workers provide support through a family centered approach:

We use early years best practice by focusing on strengths and using play based learning to achieve outcomes. 

  • We make learning fun
  • We assist you in assessing your child's development focusing on their language development, cognitive development, social skills, physical skills and emotional health and wellbeing. We can support you in accessing Early Childhood Early Intervention Funding

  • We support children to develop; 

    • Social and play skills to engage with friends

    • Communication and literacy skills

    • Thinking and numeracy skills

    • Confidence, resilience, persistence, independence and organisation skills

    • Fine and gross motor skills

    • Sensory engagement

  • We collaborate with families, educators, therapists and other important people. Establishing a strong team, supporting your child to grow and flourish

  • We support children to be included in their world and assist in finding pathways to support their sense of belonging

In early childhood, repetition forms the basis for learning, skill development, and mastery. Our Early Years Intervention Teachers will often work in collaboration with our Therapy Assistants who attend on different days through out the week to maximize the impact of intervention. By working together, they extend the benefits of the intervention programs, which can can lead to more comprehensive and tailored support for children.

Early Childhood Intervention Teacher / Key Worker  - Linda Wild

With over 26 years of experience in various educational settings, including 12 years as the Head of Early Years in a school context, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education, an Associate Diploma in Montessori Education, MoSAIC Training to recognise early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching Strategies for Children with Additional Needs, and certification in the Early Intervention of the Early Start Denver Model for young children with Autism as well as many other Professional Learning qualifications and training.

Her warm, kind, friendly nature allows her to connect with ease to children and families. She has supported thousands of children to learn and blossom. Linda sees each child as capable and her child centred approach supports the children to reach their fullest potential. Linda aims to enrich the intervention experience for children and their families.

THERAPY HIVE Linda 2 Head Shot Photo HI RES

Our Early Childhood staff can provide support in homes, educational and community settings. 

We deliver early intervention in familiar settings like homes, educational and community settings. This approach capitalises on children’s comfort and familiarity, aiding skill
development. Additionally, it empowers parents and caregivers by providing guidance to support their child's ongoing progress in their daily lives.

Speech Therapist & Young Boy

Our Fees are:

  • Fees will be charged at the NDIA set rate of $193.99 per hour or $145.40 for forty-five minutes. We provide services for NDIS Self Managed, NDIS Plan Managed and Independently funded.

Our Early Childhood Intervention Teachers, Key /Workers hours:

  • Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm (services outside of these hours can be discussed with us)

Support is a minimum 45 minute session.