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Developmental Educators facilitate comprehension child development, championing inclusion to elevate both the child's wellbeing and developmental progress. 

Our Developmental Educators promote individualised instructions, guidance, and support to help children develop their cognitive, social, emotion and behavioural skills. 

  • We conduct assessments to identify children's strengths, needs, and goals.
  • We develop Individualised Plans based on assessments, creating plans that align with the child’s interests, strengths and needs.
  • We teach skills that support children's independence, learning, and socialisation. This may encompass social, self-care, communication, and daily living skills.
  • We develop and implement positive behaviour support interventions. 
  • We collaborate with families, educators, therapists and other important people, establishing a strong team, supporting your child to grow and flourish.

  • We provide guidance to families and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. We offer strategies and resources for managing behaviours, communication, daily living tasks, as well as emotional support and advocacy.

  • We facilitate the inclusion of children in their environment and help identify ways to nurture their sense of belonging.

Our Developmental Educators can provide support in homes, educational and community settings. 

We deliver intervention in familiar settings like homes, educational and community settings. This approach capitalises on children’s comfort and familiarity, aiding skill development. Additionally, it empowers parents and caregivers by providing guidance to support their child's ongoing progress in their daily lives.

Therapy Assistant & Young Girl Rainbow Blocks

Our Fees are:

  • Fees will be charged at the NDIA set rate of $193.99 per hour or $145.40 for forty-five minutes. We provide services for NDIS Self Managed, NDIS Plan Managed and Independently funded.

Our Developmental Education hours:

  • Monday - Friday 4.00pm - 6.00pm (services outside of these hours can be discussed with us)

Support is a minimum 45 minute session.