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Therapy Hive makes it easy for your to connect with a Therapy Assistant helping your clients (0 - 21 years) to achieve their therapy goals. Our online platform helps you communicate the child’s therapy plan, progress reports and updates in one place, providing a single, easy to use information platform so that families, Therapy Assistants and educators can stay informed about the child’s progress and ensure everyone is on the same path.

Benefits of working with a Therapy Assistant:

  • Enable you to see more clients and assist more children to access the support they need.
  • Faster development of the child because of the greater application of your plan with the assistance of a therapy assistant.
  • All our Therapy Assistants are employees of Therapy Hive which means we take care of:
    recruitment, payroll, additional training needs, workcover, insurances, and required
  • We match the right Therapy Assistant to the needs, interests and the location of the
  • Our Therapy Assistants can work across multiple disciplines and are mobile so can work
    in homes, clinics, education and community settings.
  • We provide an online portal where all therapy notes are kept to make it easy to connect,
    share information and oversee the progress being made.
  • Build relationships with possible future employees upon completion of their training.
  • Referring you to families, where appropriate.

We would love to chat with you about our service and how we could help and support children you feel may benefit from our service.

We can help your clients achieve goals faster

Research tells us that children are creating neural connections as they interact with their environment. Therapy Assistants can increase the repetition of your learning goals to strengthen the brain’s neurological pathways for learning.

Children learn best when they have strong reciprocal relationships with adults. Our Therapy Assistants are passionate about supporting children. They understand all children are unique and capable. They focus on a child’s strengths and interests to deliver and achieve learning outcomes.

For the younger children you support, our Therapy Assistants will deliver your learning goals through play. They understand that play is the best tool for teaching young children.

“Repetition is the secret to perfection”

- Maria Montessori

Connect with the Hive Team 

Therapy Assistant & Young Girl Puzzle Task