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Thriving with our Therapy

Early Intervention Teachers / Key Workers
Developmental Educator
Therapy Assistants
Mentors and Support Workers

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The Therapy Hive team are passionate about helping children to get the best start in life. Our team of Early Childhood Intervention Teachers / Key Workers, Developmental Educators, Therapy Assistants, Mentors and Support Workers are here to listen and help you get the support your child needs. 

Therapy Hive Early Childhood Intervention Teachers and Key Workers work with young children (0 - 7 years) and families to support detection, inclusion, services for support and participation of young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Therapy Hive Therapy Assistants provide enhanced support to a child’s therapy plan, by delivering tailored therapy, guided by allied therapists. This helps to extend therapy hours and NDIS funding.

Therapy Hive Mentors and Support Workers support children to develop new skills, assisting them to thrive. This is a great way to support children to achieve goals and skills they wish to develop.

Therapy Hive Developmental Educators facilitate comprehension child development, championing inclusion to elevate both the child's wellbeing and developmental progress.

Who We Help

Therapy Hive can support:

  • NDIS Self Managed
  • NDIS Plan Managed
  • Independently Funded
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The service from Therapy Hive was exceptional. Linda was so nurturing and understanding.”

- Aimee

Girl Disability & Therapy Assistant